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The Overeating Meditation That'll Help You Slim Down




Being mindful when you eat is not always easy. It often requires sitting and observing difficult emotions, thoughts, or cravings, or doing what’s called “surfing the urge.” The goal is to ride out the wave, rather than getting swept away -- and finding yourself face-first in a bag of tortilla chips.

But remember, even if you start overeating, you can interrupt that process at any point; two cookies always have fewer calories than four -- and might leave you feeling satisfied, rather than guilty.

This five-step overeating meditation is designed to help you do this from a nonjudgmental and compassionate perspective -- and to help you realize how much choice you really have when it comes to eating.

Step #1: Close your eyes and sit with an easy, straight posture. Find a position that allows gravity to gently maintain your proper posture. Rest your hands in your lap.

Step #2Focus on your breath, so your mind shifts away from the noise -- the thoughts, concerns, or feelings that usually fill your mind. Now imagine yourself during a typical day. This day is like any other, but for one difference: You will overeat. Try to remain detached, as an objective observer, as you watch the events leading up to the overeating incident unfold. Don’t picture yourself eating compulsively—just notice what happened before you ate, in the time leading up to it, and perhaps before you realized you would overeat. What took place? What time was it? Notice your surroundings: Are you alone or with others?

Step #3: Now pay attention to your thoughts: Did seeing or thinking about a certain food have an effect? What were you thinking about? Notice your conscious thoughts, as well as the ones you may have ignored. How are you feeling? How did the feelings change as you came closer and closer to overeating? Were you experiencing a sense of deprivation, either physically or emotionally?

Step #4: Come up with one thing that you might do differently. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed or discouraged, let go and return to your breath, refocusing as a detached, objective observer. As you continue to breathe fully and comfortably, return to watching the events, thoughts, and feelings that occurred as you came closer to overeating. Make a
mental note of the possible triggers.

Step #5: Let go of that place and time, and let yourself refocus on your breath. Let go of any tension that cropped up, and simply ride with the flow of your breath, secure in the knowledge that you’re putting together the pieces of the puzzle that will help you regain control over your eating. Now bring your attention back to the room, and when you’re ready, open your eyes.


Did you find this exercise to be stressful? Why or why not?

What triggers did you discover behind your overeating?

What are some alternative ways to handle these triggers, rather than overeating? (Remember, there’s a difference between eating and overeating! It’s okay to use food for comfort sometimes.)



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Charles King
Charles King 31 December 14 20:12 Is just fore me right now! Wow! Will try! Text hided expand
Kenneth Murphy
Kenneth Murphy 3 January 15 04:06 Good sex is helps you slim down! Text hided expand
Anna K
Anna K 16 June 15 18:13 This is a great way to disarm any compulsion that might come up in our daily lives. It always helps to just slow down and think about something else for a moment before you make a rash decision, whether it be demolishing a box of Girl Scout cookies or having a drink before noon. Being mindful and focused often helps these urges to pass, and these steps are a great way to help turn the tide. Text hided expand
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